Alumni Network Recruitment is an award – winning member of the National Personnel Associates (NPA). The NPA is the largest international recruitment network with over 380 independent recruitment firms with 1600+ recruiters located in over 200 metropolitan areas around the world.

The Alumni-Network Recruitment Corporation has received the following NPA Awards:

  • Recognition Award July 1999
  • Recognition Award October 1999
  • Recognition Award December 1999
  • Consulting Excellence Bronze Level Award in October 1999
  • Consulting Excellence Silver Level Award in December 1999
  • Four Times Quota Award in February 2000
  • Consulting Excellence Award in July 2000
  • ComputerNet Top Ten Consultant award in July 2000

Other awards:

  • Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2000: Our President, Karen Berends was nominated by the Royal Bank of Canada for the Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2000.